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Although traffic violations often do not carry the threat of jail time or state prison time that misdemeanors and felonies do, convictions disrupt people’s lives in serious ways.   These offenses may adversely affect your job status and employability.i-prac-misdemeanorstrafficviol

Representation by a determined, knowledgeable traffic defense attorney can make a big difference for you.  At Michigan Law Services, PLLC, we can help you set realistic expectations, avoid costly mistakes, and get through your situation with minimal damage to your record, finances and future prospects.

We Approach Your Case According to Your Needs and Priorities

Dealing with any traffic matter begins with an assessment of your case and personal circumstances.  Top priorities in a traffic defense are points on your driving record and the impact on your insurance rates and driving privilege.

Speeding Tickets — Traffic Signal Violations — Failure to Yield — Traffic

We are well-equipped to represent you in any traffic case, including:

  • Traffic violations including driving under suspension, careless or reckless driving, speeding tickets, and offenses involving traffic signals and school buses — all of which involve assessment of points and substantial driver responsibility fees —common in heavily policed districts like those in Sterling Heights, Shelby Township, Clinton Township, Roseville, and Warren
  • OWI — among the most serious of traffic-related offenses, a drunk driving charge calls for representation by an experienced attorney

Count on Energetic Defense, Beginning With a Free Consultation

The attorneys and staff at Michigan Law Services, PLLC are dedicated to understanding each client’s situation thoroughly.  We are nonjudgmental, recognizing that anyone can make a mistake.

In addition, we understand the methods and priorities of prosecutors, from our own experience and substantial work in negotiations and hearings.  Many civil infractions are prosecuted on the basis of an officer’s perception alone — and if there is a problem with that narrative, you can count on us to find it and turn it to your advantage.